Just become a grandfather, baby girl born this morning.

For anyone into blogging ZeroNet P2P blogs. I'm checking it out now.


Death is not a laughing matter and murder is a crime - depraved US war criminals


If foreign journalists don't have 1st amendment rights then they don't have any right under the US constitution. You can't be selective in what the constitution applies to. Otherwise none of the constitution applies to foreigners in the US.


Netanyahu Compares Iran to Nazis, Warns Israel Will ‘Never Again Be Defenceless’ in Face of Enemies

Comment : You can not Compare Israel to the Nazi's but, the Israelis can compare others to the Nazi's. Total hypocrisy.


Our MSM is getting as bad as the US media in coming out with fake news. More lies from the press.


If you'd like to check your MP's record on Brexit and how they voted in the House of Commons you can do so easily by visiting Democracy Movement.


Top ten countries in the EU for net migration highlighted in yellow.At a glance you can see where all the migrants are headed for. It also shows the discrepancy in distribution in the EU.

This equates to a 3% population increase in 10 years for the UK. Contrast this to a government making everything smaller through austerity. Does it make sense to you to have less services whilst more population dictates we need more services to cope with a larger population.

Plan to pay UK students £9/hr to snoop on each other’s ‘microaggressions’ is proof universities are vanguard of totalitarianism

Comment : This is just nuts!
Who's the arsehole who dreamt this one up.

Royal finances
The estimated total annual cost of the monarchy is £345m

Comment: After the Queen dies Britain should become a republic.


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