BBC diversity chief complains Idris Elba’s TV detective isn’t ‘black enough to be real’, leaves online commentator baffled

 he had “no knowledge or expertise or right to try to tackle in some way the experience of being a black man in modern Britain.” He added that trying to make the fictional detective ‘more black’ would have resulted in an “ignorant, middle-class, white writer’s idea of a black character.”

Historic Court Judgment in Germany: “Threat to the Well-Being of Children”. No Masks, No Social Distance, No More Tests for Students.

The judge describes the dangers to children's mental well being.

US government may try to block German plans to buy Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, citing Western anti-Russia sanctions – Bild

More interference in other countries by America. It's about time the rest of the world's sanctioned them, for there interference and the breaking of international law.

Twitch’s bans for off-platform behavior in the name of ‘protection’ look like more high-tech censorship

largest live streaming service in the world, announced that it would be making serious moves to monitor the behavior of its streamers, even off-platform and offline, and ban those who pose a “substantial safety risk” to

Last I heard this was the role of government, not private companies.

‘Biopolitical surveillance regimes’: Vaccine passports reveal the growing authoritarian tendencies of Western governments

Don't you find it strange that now we have started to roll out the vaccine and, by this time next year or sooner. There is less need for a vaccine passport than at any time since the pandemic can started. It's more about control than it is health.

Cameras off! Zoom bans sales to Russian government & state-owned companies, as analysts claim fear of US sanctions is behind move

No Biggy use Jitsy meet instead.

World’s largest vaccine manufacturer requests financial help after India imposes Covid jab export restrictions

Like I've said before they should have opened another plant creating the vaccine in the UK. They've wasted 37 billion on track and trace, they could have easily used some of that money to open another facility.

Vaccines Are the New ‘Purity Test’

COVID-19 “vaccines” don’t work like vaccines. They’re designed to lessen symptoms when the inoculated person gets infected, but they do not actually prevent them from getting infected in the first place, and they don’t prevent the spread of the virus.

Why Is The Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine To Attack Russia?

Why, for that matter, are unproven allegations of Russian meddling in our elections a violation of the “rules-based international order” but an actual US-backed coup against an elected Ukrainian government is not?

SAGE Document Reveals ‘Covert’ Propaganda to Scare British Into Staying Home in Lockdown

mainstream media outlets are finally being forced to admit what they have been systematically covering-up now for 12 months – that Government have been involved in active psychological and information warfare

Android Authority: Leaked phone number reveals even Mark Zuckerberg is on Signal.

The two faced bastard wants his privacy, while denying you yours.

Encryption Has Never Been More Essential—or Threatened | WIRED

What ever I can do in real life, I should be able to do in my digital life. This includes all the privacy issues.

Flight attendant demands that family GET OFF plane because their toddler isn’t wearing a mask (VIDEO)

They didn't get the memo, masks don't work.

Makers of Sputnik V vaccine warn EU delaying approval over fear of competition, as Russia sees ‘dramatic rise’ in domestic demand

Is Russian Opposition Leader Alexey Navalny a Key Prop in a Psychological Warfare Operation Designed to Bring Down Vladimir Putin?

The words “if proven” are pivotal because they underscore the following: sanctions are premature given the allegations that the FSB was behind the poisoning of Navalny have not yet been proven.

database of 533 MILLION Facebook users with PHONES leaked online, but tech giant says it’s just ‘old data’

The social media giant downplayed the incident, claiming that the data was “old.”

Not if your data hasn't changed.

Policymakers use panic to shift blame for Covid-19 onto us, the people. This will leave society scarred forever

How the government uses psychological warfare against its own citizens.

Sunlight renders coronavirus inactive 8 TIMES faster than predicted, says new study

A July 2020 experimental study tested the power of UV light on SARS-CoV-2, contained in simulated saliva, and found the virus was inactivated in under 20 minutes.

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