US used media agency to covertly aid Hong Kong protesters, but tell us how ‘foreign meddling’ is a threat to ‘our democracy’ US used media agency to covertly aid Hong Kong protesters, but tell us how ‘foreign meddling’ is a threat to ‘our democracy’

More double standards and hypocrisy from America.

Vote on amendments isn’t about Putin, it’s the first ever ‘truly Russian constitution’

If the UK is so concerned about Putin being elected president again then, why they aren't trying to limiting the number of times A British Prime Minister can be elected. Britain has no term limits for a Prime Minister.

The lies coming from the BBC Juan Guaido is not the head of the national council he got voted out.

Mr Guaidó declared himself interim president last year but has failed to remove Mr Maduro.

It should read Guaido declared himself dictator of Venezuela backed by the anti democratic US.

Anti-slavery is CANCELLED | The Mallen Baker Show

From someone who has a balanced point of view who shows the hypocrisy of positive discrimination.

Terrible state of affairs. Your employer has no right to determine your actions outside of work. Your employer owns your life if they can determine what you can and can't do out side of work. That's unacceptable!

‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

Can't see this working to well a lot of firm filling Just to get a pint. Or are they only going to serve customers who show there contact teaching app.

To get a pint or a meal you need to let the government spy on you.

Starbucks the government spy.

For example across the whole country the amount of people in ICU from the virus is below 40. This means there is a smaller sample size to draw the R rate from, making that number more volitale.

One Welsh Government official told WalesOnline that once cases are very low, the R rate become a "blunt instrument".

This R rate isn't very good is it!

People have no problem handling parcels that they have knowledge of where its been or how it's processed but, yet they fear handling cash. Does the hypocracy get any worse than this. A food processing plant in North Wales just quarantined a 100 workers because of covid yet the retail sector is worried about covid from cash. Yet covid is an airborne disease, spread by coughing and spreading it through moisture droplets.

UK to redirect aid from Africa to Ukraine and others ‘vulnerable to Russian meddling.’ But that’s NOT British ‘interference’?

So we're going counter so called Russian meddling with British meddling. Does the hypocracy get any better than this.

Facebook pitched language suppression tool in workplace chat product to employers – report

So Facebook is against workers rights.

One more good reason to boycott Facebook.

Northern Ireland firms moving jobs to Republic due to Brexit, MP told

They've had four years to research any consequences and ramifications. Just another remainer trying to delay things.

US government agencies trying to ‘split Russian society’ ahead of constitution vote warns Security Council boss Patrushev

RT US sanctions on Russian gas pipeline illegal & ‘an assault on Europe’s sovereignty’ – Bundestag member to RT

About bloody time!

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