Forty-four per cent said we should say adios without a deal. Forty-two per cent said we should revoke Brexit and stay bound to Brussels.

we can't vote none of the above. Next best thing is a protest vote but, who (monster raving loonie etc) is what I say. If you're part of the third who don't vote, who get totally ignored then use your vote as a protest vote and .

Two pages to look at to see how powerful the absent voter is.

If you're a non voter and want to vote use it effectively.

‘Oral sex’ with SIX-year-old? Australian book about transgender kids shocks social media

Comment : I'm not a politically correct person and this nonsense just gets on my nerves.

US praises sanctions for killing Iran’s economy, then blames Tehran for people’s suffering

Cashless Society and the End of Freedom

Comment: once our anonymity disappears in the real world then everything is spying and privacy is dead.

Iranian oil tanker held by UK to be released Thursday - reports

Comment : All they had to do is prove who the recipient for the oil was. No one said this is my oil.

Inside America's Meddling Machine: NED, the US-Funded Org Interfering in Elections Across the Globe

Comment: This the way America and the west interfere in other countries.

54% of Britons back Johnson bypassing Parliament to deliver Brexit – poll

Comment: Although I'm not in favour of this in principal I agree with it in practice given the fact that our MP's are not representing us, don't forget the country voted to leave the EU yet, our MP's refuse to carry out our instructions and take us out of the EU.

BBC news briefing are making a big thing about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Its been on every morning this week yet nothing about the demonstrations in France now in there 39th week. Typical bias from the BBC.

And now something totally different
Little Wing From Jimi Hendrix done on a Mandolin.

MSNBC Host Blames RUSSIA For Jeffery Epstein Death

Comment: MSM crying wolf again and again and so on.

Democratic Socialists of America Convention Was WILD!

This is political correctness gone mad!

Why is it the left can't just stick to issues that make peoples lives better as they did in the past. There was no political correctness, there was only the issue and how to resolve it and this didn't include political correctness of any kind.

US bombings on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were not to end WWII but to frighten Soviet Union

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