Learning about the D'Hondt method of vote allocation (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%27Hond) in preparation for the Euro elections. However I suspect total MEP's will be less important than turnout and vote share.


@stsquad D'hondt seems to cultivate culture of collaboration between diverse parties, while the winner-takes-all FPTP creates toxic political climate of "our team" Vs "bad people"



@suihkulokki @stsquad

Two little known facts about the FPTP system is how little it takes to elect an MP. For starters it only took 16.75% of the vote to elect the Conservatives. Fact two it took less than 50% to elect the whole of parliament all 650 MP's.

Forget the majorities they have as constituency MP's and remember you only have to beat your nearest opponent by one vote to get elected. The above figures are based on MP's winning by a majority by one vote.

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