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Which UK parties stand for freedom of speech?
Election day is tomorrow and I've left it a bit too late.

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"Every pirate wants to be an admiral." That is a truism of industrial policy: the scrappy upstarts that push the rules to achieve success then turn into law-and-order types who insist that anyone who does unto them as they did unto others is a lawless cur in need of whipping.


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Now, I'm not a cryptocurrency enthusiast really. But it makes me giggle a bit when Bill Maher is complaining about cryptocurrencies being virtual and without any real value. Like 99% of all money today is already virtual, and come on, the value of a stock is nowhere truthful.

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@JackMeinoff So PKT isn't just a cryptocurrency, it's a bandwidth-hard blockchain that enables anyone to become an ISP. It's a decentralized form of the internet, essentially. You can install, let's say, an antenna in your home, and connect to it. You allocate network bandwidth to earn rewards in PKT. It also combines roles that an ISP would normally handle, like tech support. pkt.cash/ @stux

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“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” - Carl Sagan

this is argument from personal incredulity. Why does Carl get to decide which claims are extraordinary and which are merely ordinary? Ditto for evidence.

👩‍🔬Here is 1 claim, here is 1 evidence; I have made 1 science!

👮‍♂️🤚No. I am the king of science and I subjectively determine this claim to be extraordinary, but this evidence to be merely ordinary. Good day sir!

If you don’t like the evidence presented, replicate the experiment and either publish your falsification or learn something about your own biases. This is the way of science.

Carl Sagan: science denier

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Hyperinflation episodes are always rather fascinating, but this case in Zaire has an unexpected but somehow delightful twist. Here, in the early 90s, the Zaire govt replaced an old version with a new version at a 1:3M ratio (this is common, happened in Turkey, Brazil, and very many other countries). But what happened next, I haven't heard reported before:

"In other words, even though the government and its central bank ruled that the old zaïre was without value ... " (1/2)


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Pharma just straight up warning that lifting patents could lead to too much life saving

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welcome to 2040, I am a billionaire, own multiple houses, have multiple wives, and there are thousands of people essentially my indentured servants, and life has never been better twitter.com/wef/status/8177607

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How green is the Chia blockchain (chia.net/)?
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I wonder if this can be used as a non-hierarchical/decentralised alternative to DNS that doesn't require a blockchain. Or am I out of my mind?

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“Enlightenment values” = evidence, reason, logic, scientific method, etc. If we can’t agree to use these tools for discussion, then what tools do we use? So far I have seen no alternative other than ad hominem attack, which doesn’t really seem effective for social progress. twitter.com/goacta/status/1385

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This just happened, and it is important. The British parliament just unanimously determined that China’s policy in Xinjiang constitutes “genocide.”


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A GPT-3 which has been trained on a corpus of all observable human behaviour as its "text", then run through the works of the 20th century French literary theorists, then run a third time through the archives of Social Text.

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Google's Lyra codec is just a bruteforce "NEURAL NETWORK GOES BRRR" solution for speech encoding. "Just stick a neural network and let it handle everything."

Neural networks don't belong in a sound generator. They belong as a predictor to make a filter reproduce speech. In other words, they belong as neural networks hooked up to fake vocal cords.

LPCNet is to me much better, and a way more elegant solution. But Google hate any research that isn't Google, and with their compute capacity, a bruteforce solution is just so easy to do. No research is even needed, programmers can just excuse themselves from work with infinite amounts of "the NN is being trained".


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