A YouTube channel which is just a teenaged guy sitting in a bedroom playing computer games while an army of disturbing dolls chant "Don't Forget to Like and Subscribe. Don't Forget to Like and Subscribe" and hands open boxes containing every possible consumer good

If you liked this toot and you want to see more of it, remember to click Like and Subscribe to my channel, now, right now, oh god, the Algorithm is watching us both, do it, do it before they put me back in the cell again, feed me those precious click points, if we don't obey the Algorithm we're all dead, you don't know what it's like in here, they watch our every move, the rations came late today and they were sour and mouldy and only my vast charisma can get me out, CLICK THAT BOX DAMMIT CLICK

I don't even know what 'subscribing to a YouTube channel' *is". Why would I do that? It's a web page. If I want to go to it again, I bookmark it. (Actually I just leave one of my 5000 tabs open and then I search in my browser, but I totally could bookmark it if I still remembered how to raise the menu bar now that it's always hidden). What does subscribing get me? An email? In my email app? To tell me that a web page has refreshed? Do any of you people realise just how silly that sounds?

@natecull .....It puts them all one one page, so I don't have to check every single page one by one for the several hundred channels I subscribe to, some of which only update once a year or so.

Well, you still get videos from channels you don't subscribe to on that page if you watch their content and interact with it.
So probably subscribing makes the videos more likely to show up.
Probably, there's no way of knowing for sure. The Algorithm is as mysterious as it is inscrutable...

@Hyolobrika @natecull No, you are mixing up the youtube front page and the subscriptions page. If you click subscriptions it gives you every video you have clicked subscriptions on, in order from most recent to some point in the past.

The front page servers you algorithmic stuff that usually doesn't work and usually thinks I need to rewatch the same video I watched yesterday again. It will still show you videos from places you unsubbed.

A *lot* of people don't seem to know about the subscriptions page for some reason? That is why there was suddenly such an interest in getting you to push the bell icon. There was this myth that if you didn't youtube wouldn't show you every video you subscribed to, and people complaining youtube wasn't showing them stuff they subscribed to, but it turns out they weren't going to the clearly labelled subscription button?


I didn't know about that. Thanks.
I typically don't analyse every site I visit in much detail. I just skim them.

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