Moral dilemma: a neighbour was recently made redundant and is looking for work. I asked him what sort of work he was looking for - he'd been working "in finance" (not sure what that really means) but he was applying for account management and biz dev roles... including for Coca Cola... I cringed (inwardly, I hope) at the mention. I think the job we do is an ethical decision, and I think Coca Cola is a peer of Microsoft in terms of damage done to society & the world.Hope he gets a different role.


@lightweight I hate Coca Cola ever since the "be less white" fiasco. There were probably other reasons to hate them before then but that was the one that came to my attention (or if the others did I don't remember them unfortunately).

@Hyolobrika they make the world a worse place on many levels and by many measures. In that, they're just like pretty much every mega multinational corporation.

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