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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jack Torrence, I was the caretaker of the overlook hotel when I was alive... I know I know isn't so fun but I'm really tired tonight... hey where you going ? Wait, wait, you have to follow me, I have an axe... Oh damn it's happen again... 😤

Passengers is a very good film, I perfectly understand the dilemma of the protagonist and I agree with him because I believe we are entitle to be bad in extreme circumstances in order to survive.

A working democracy is the only hope for normal people like me and you. ( I'm studying the cold war.)

Katiusha I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Why you don't love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?🤫 I hate when happen!!

@JackTorrence @Linuxtjej That isn't the point, the point is that some men just assume a women is less competent and therefor explain the obvious stuff or give unsolicited advice when not needed. And while telling a man doing that you don't need to explain might work in some cases, its going to be an issue if he continually makes a habit of it, which is especially difficult if he is a coworker or someone else you need to actually communicate with.

So is the president of America a rapist ? I tend to believe in women words, but in the past I was fault. Many women are great actress, and many men too.

I just died in your arms tonight!! 🎶 💘

Just like an angel you are....❤️ Never ending dreams of you...❤️ Million stars shine in the sky... Just like an angel waiting for you... ❤️

I figured I should write a pinned #introductions post so that when people find me from another instance they actually see something on my profile (psst. find more at

I am a follower of #Jesus #Christ. My whole life should be wrapped around what pleases Him, not anyone else.

I am also a #computer programmer. Not as a job, of course, but I work on projects as hobbies.

I also advocate #FreeSoftware, and #GNU / #Linux (as of writing this post I am using #Gentoo).


Debian 10 will be released soon and therefore I'm happy!! 🤣

Today begin my war against pornography and online pornography.

thought of the day: You cannot be accepted for what you are if you cannot accept the others for what they are...

@JackTorrence @Linuxtjej the birds are chirping, the sun is cresting the horizon, and a man is mansplaining mansplaining to a woman

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