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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jack Torrence, I was the caretaker of the overlook hotel when I was alive... I know I know isn't so fun but I'm really tired tonight... hey where you going ? Wait, wait, you have to follow me, I have an axe... Oh damn it's happen again... 😤

Would be great to see Debian among the FSF endorsed distros.

I don't like Matteo Salvini and the north league. I hope a best future for my country so I'm OK with the five stars movement and other progressive parties.

About don't blame the instance, don't blame who said so, just fight the wrong ideas with right ideas from whatever they come and remember you can learn a lot in the process!! Let the peoples express their self freely is a good idea!!

I'm a happy Firefox's user because I desire freedom and an healthy Internet too but even more I use it because freed me from many website's problems, just give it a try is even a softer security approach than using NoScript: we can presume a script isn't free as in freedom software because does bad things!!

I'm a Trisquel user, but now I'm curious about the others endorsed distributions ... Do you know how they are ?

Any Gabbers in Denver? A feel good story about a pizza restaurant the produces fantastic pizza, from the reviews...and is staffed entirely by people who are disabled in some way:
The need to overcome the stigma of "that's were the retards work" and are struggling.
Read the entire story please, & pizza is good any day of the week... :)

Find the Emacs documentation inside the non-free repository make me crazy.


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Thanks to the Debian Video team, we can enjoy video streaming and recording on three rooms during #DebConf19. They also do training sessions for new volunteers (one of them will happen today) and coordinate with local and remote contributors to review and publish the recordings really fast!

Life is hard but I don't give up, because I love computer science and free software too.

I love doing my school work at school instead of doing it at home. 🤓

Yesterday a classmate gifted to me a working commodore 64, I suppose the time has come for me to master the assembly language 😱

Proprietary software is often malware. Malware is software designed in a way that hurt the users. Free as in Freedom Software is better because you can read the source code and you or somebody else can change it to work in another way.

I think that pornography is a form of women slavery and bad for men who watch pornography too.

I really enjoy watching funny cartoons alone or in company.

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