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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jack Torrence, I was the caretaker of the overlook hotel when I was alive... I know I know isn't so fun but I'm really tired tonight... hey where you going ? Wait, wait, you have to follow me, I have an axe... Oh damn it's happen again... 😤

I sended an email of support to RMS, he just told me to not be sorry for what happened to him and just help the movement win.

I'm doing the hard job to find a good and well paid job in Scotland. :awesome_rotate:

This early morning I went in the city centre of Edinburgh and I took some nice pictures before my phone went totally off...

If I have to ear another bagpipe please have mercy just kill me.

didn't anything wrong, he has just opinions. When has become a crime having opinions about facts in the American Society ?

I played billiard tonight with Canadian and Argentine peoples at the Castle Rock Hostlel in Edinburgh.

OK guys and girls, I actually am in England and Edinburgh from ten days now. I actually living in the Castle Rock Hostel which is a very pleasant place. where to stay.

I moving to Scotland soon! For the first time in my life I leave my country all alone searching for a good job and better life conditions than can I have if I stay in south Italy. 🛫

Would be great to see Debian among the FSF endorsed distros.

I don't like Matteo Salvini and the north league. I hope a best future for my country so I'm OK with the five stars movement and other progressive parties.

About don't blame the instance, don't blame who said so, just fight the wrong ideas with right ideas from whatever they come and remember you can learn a lot in the process!! Let the peoples express their self freely is a good idea!!

I'm a happy Firefox's user because I desire freedom and an healthy Internet too but even more I use it because freed me from many website's problems, just give it a try is even a softer security approach than using NoScript: we can presume a script isn't free as in freedom software because does bad things!!

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