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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jack Torrence, I was the caretaker of the overlook hotel when I was alive... I know I know isn't so fun but I'm really tired tonight... hey where you going ? Wait, wait, you have to follow me, I have an axe... Oh damn it's happen again... 😤

Tonight I'm translating in Italian the talk done by Richard Matthew Stallman at the university of Catania just some years ago, I'm using a big dictionary and GNU . but only if you are an ethical one.

Today I have written an email to one of the most read Italian online newspaper ( just to complain about the proprietary o non-free JavaScript needed to serf their web site. Do you think I'll get some answer ? 🤔

If you really care about the health of internet use a free browser as Icecat and the libreJS plugin. LibreJs plugin blocks all the proprietary Javascript contained in the web pages, so you can see what is the state of the free (as in freedom) internet, and you can help us complain about this situation to the web sites owners. You can read about the Javascript Trap here:
"If you fight you can lose, but if you don't fight you have already lose."

Please Jesus, saves The Notredame of Paris 🙏🏻

I'm at school studying how business works, and how build a business from the start. Good evening

The Debian developers and maintainers have to keep the software in the stable release in a working state even when it has become old IMHO.

The only way to put an end to the development of proprietary software it's doesn't use it, please join in the crusade against the propriety software today and become an associate member of the Free Software Foundation:

I'm looking the sixty English lesson of the youtuber Mr Duncan using Minitube and Debian 9 codename Stretch.

Debian is better without non-free software, instead to teach to the users how to install non-free software they would do a better service to the community if they teach to the users how to avoid proprietary software.
Luckily there are the endorsed FSF distributions, I like either Trisquel, PureOS and Gnewsense because they are based on Debian, but even Hiperbola and Parabola seems pretty good.

The Bash's command ls -1 | wc -l gives you the number of files that are inside the directory. Happy Hacking!!

It's terrible when the state persecutes who report the crimes instead of the criminals. 😡

Who believe in democracy and freedom of speak must stand for Julian Assange!!

Life is truly hard in south Italy, but I don't give up, because I love computer science and free software too.

My plugin complain against some nasty non-free JavaScript code in this Mastodon instance and others, but I have thought is a mistake of the plugin or of the Mastodon Developers so i whitelisted the site but I would like have, some explanation from someone who know about this problem. Even in the FSF GNU Social page libreJS complain about the presence of non-free JavaScript in the page, this is very weird!!

I love the idea of I only need to find someone near me who love that too. My dream is to found an Ethical Hacking Team in south Italy (which is where I live ) and join in the development of some free software... I just to say: I can do it! I can do it! Or am i just dreaming ?

I'm not a kernel, and I don't follow the Open Source Philosophy instead I follow the Free Software philosophy so my answer to the hashtag is

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