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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jack Torrence, I was the caretaker of the overlook hotel when I was alive... I know I know isn't so fun but I'm really tired tonight... hey where you going ? Wait, wait, you have to follow me, I have an axe... Oh damn it's happen again... 😤

Ok now I'm using the zoom feature of my browser to hide it

There is a lot of free space in the right after the fourth column in this web site

My two German flatmates are two amazing asshole, in other words my kindness toward them is over :awesome_rotate:

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I'm seriously taking in consideration the idea of left social networks, but I'm not completely sure about yet 🤔

I have started to call the GNU Linux combination the "GNU plus is friend Linux" to remark the fact they are two different things, peoples will love it

The FSF ending of the year fund raising didn't well and I have an hint of why...

The Force Awakens doesn't full fill what my expectations are for a new Star Wars movie but after have seen it more than just one time I can say to have seen an enjoyable movie after all... The last Jedi in the most lower point touched by the new Star Wars trilogy...
J.J Abrams has tried all the magic tricks written in the book in order to save what he had done with the first movie but the magic at the end didn't happen, the Rise of Skywalker is an enjoyable movie but anything special

The prize of pizza is very high in Edinbrugh

I have skipped a day without be aware of that... In Other words I went to sleep yesterday night and I wake up now...

Star Wars: The sequel trilogy should be a SEQUEL trilogy and not a bad remake of the original...

Star Wars the rise of Skywalker could be a lot better of what is it... Hollywood need better story writer and teller, we deserve better story writer and teller...

Job interview... Tomorrow... I'm really exited about...

I don't want to going back in Italy, I like to stay here in UK

Can we have groups, like the users of ? Are the Mastodon's developer hostile to the idea or what ?

Facebook doesn't exist! Facebook doesn't exist! FACEBOOK DOESN'T EXIST!! What happen ? Nothing, Facebook still exist 😭

The FreeBSD website is working again, at the end I'm allow to download and try the system... Just for learning purpose, I'm very happy with my Debian 10 system.

I'm in Edinburgh and the sound of the wind coming from the outside is making me crazy... Oh now we are talking about... Where is my fucking huge, terrible and bloody sharp axe when I need it ?

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