Mastodon seems empty 馃檨

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@Jolanta because there is no brands and bots to make some synthetic activity on the week end.

@Jolanta your local server might be a bit small. If you haven't already, try looking at the "global" tab to see what other people on the larger network are up to

@Jolanta no problem! The difference between your local server and the global network is really the biggest difference between mastodon and twitter. It took me a little while before I found a local server I really liked hanging out in, but I follow people from all over the network.

@Jolanta @_ its because your on a tiny instance. start following some folks from different instances and it will quickly stop feeling empty. when I set this instance up it was only me. just me alone. but then I followed a ton of people and now its busy as hell

Try the federated timeline, that's always busy, or

@Jolanta You may well be chuckling at that toot once you've found your way around. =:)

@Jolanta there is tons going on but it's harder to discover. Maybe look through peoples follower list, you can often see the whole list if you open their profile in web browser.

Welcome @Jolanta !

What I haven't seen mentioned already is: have a look at hashtags that interest you! You can kind of follow tags and discover people who post things you're interested in.

Just click on any tag of your choice, pin it to your view and click on the 'settings' icon to "Include additional tags for this column", you can exclude tags as well.

Ping me if that's too cryptic. Sorry, it's late here.

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