I have no context as to why my name, Josh, is trending or why it's trending with RIP Josh.

This is eerie, seeing this trending with my name in it.
Am I dead and just missed the memo? /s

I'll be hosting the Spleef event on @furryvalley@twitter.com's vanilla server in 40 minutes at 1pm Eastern!
Want to test your spleef skills? Join our Discord server here and select the Minecraft role: discord.gg/furryvalley

battling on Pokemon Showdown on @furryvalley@twitter.com. The latest event will be in less than 15 minutes! Join the event on Discord here: discord.gg/7K3Z8tk

I'm super hyped to watch The Fandom from @AshCoyote@twitter.com in just 3 days!!!
For anyone who hasn't pre-ordered it yet, if you're able to, you should!

May I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Call: 1-800-273-8255 - USA

Call: 116 123 - UK

Worldwide number listing:

Just two. Any two. Copy/paste, not retweet.

The beanies from @Werewolf_V@twitter.com are super comfortable to wear! If anyone hasn't yet bought one, you should!

Just signed up to @Pillowfort_soc@twitter.com!

My account on there is pillowfort.social/joshywooful if you'd like to check my profile out!

Everyone! @Labraderpy@twitter.com has just hit 1000 followers! Give him a follow and help keep him above 1000 followers!

Tonight's Floof Talk from @furryvalley@twitter.com was, as it always is, very interesting and entertaining to listen to!
I'm already more than looking forward to next week's Floof Talk!

Now, this is one video that I wasn't expecting to see @tallfuzzball@twitter.com in!
I was just watching @JackMasseyWelsh@twitter.com's latest video and 7:48 in, who do I spot but Majira Strawberry?
Here's a timestamped link to the video! youtu.be/f-OvSquLyNM&t=468

Happy birthday @Niki_Yanagi@twitter.com! I hope you have a great day, despite the current situation.

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