Feck, first day back and I already need more time off.

Still not totally over that stupid flu. It really did a number on my lungs. Keep coughing. Talked with others that had it at work and apparently I should expect it to continue like that for a couple weeks.

@MunkyBone You survived then? And after I paid to have the drive reinforced to take the weight of your truck.

@dick_turpin Barely. I have not been that ill in a long time.

It is still running around the building at work. Heard from a few people that a lot of people are off with it.

Whoever patient zero is, they deserve a good kicking for bringing it in.

@MunkyBone I may have possibly had an illness similar to that two years ago at Christmas. Felt like death warmed up which was interesting given my body ached all over, was shivering, felt cold and yet I was fairly warm. Felt like my core temperature was falling which is scarily dangerous.

@dick_turpin Oh yeah, when I had the fever raging, no matter what I felt like I was freezing. Wife had to sleep in the office/guest room as I did not want her to catch what I had.

@MunkyBone Sounds about the same. I had a picture of me hugging the radiator and wearing two jumpers and I was still cold. I looked really awful in it. I think I deleted it though?

@dick_turpin I was under a mountain of blankets and comforters until the fever broke. I did work the friday from home to do some notes on how to release some reports while I was off last week. I am not sure how coherent they were.

Good, good! But still take care, as this sh!t is serious.

My wife had something similar, ended up with conjunctivitis and an ear infections.

@wyliecoyoteuk Lovely. I did not get that bad. Just wish the cough would finish up at this point.

She' been given antibiotics by the GP this morning, hoping it will clear up soon.

@wyliecoyoteuk Hope so. Being ill right at the end of winter is never pleasant.

I just want a couple days of warmth.

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