New, full size, Lenovo wireless keyboard and mouse should be here today. It's for the desktop. I suppose it's time to switch alt-tab on all the thinkpads and get used to the Lenovo Way.


I am guessing it is like my work laptop layout. Function is far left. Always messes me up when I go home and use my home laptop where function and Ctrl are reversed.

@MunkyBone @NYbill having 2 keys swapped on the same row would be bothersome, having 2 keys swapped on different rows would be downright problematic, although as a heavy user of the tab key, I am certainly biased in favor of keeping it to the left of Q.
@NYbill @MunkyBone Oh, I was under the impression that the alt key and the tab key were swapped (which would be a nightmare for me)

@jezra @MunkyBone I may have said that way back in this convo. But, I wasn't looking at one at the time.

Ok, here it is. Lenovo messes with the bottom left corner keys.

Typing on the new keyboard now. Lenovo's always do have good tactile feel for a short through keyboard.

/me likes

My favorite Lenovo keyboard was in the X220 laptop.

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