@MunkyBone I have just had a 20 minute kip in the garden because of it. Lunch over, back to work.

@dick_turpin Just starting my day. Developing a new reporting structure against one of the DB's. Then after work, my wife has me finishing up the deck bench we were building last night.

@MunkyBone I promised the misses that when we go back to the office I'll wait for around two weeks and then book two weeks off so that I can paint every single room in the house. 😭 😭 😭 😭

@dick_turpin Oh our house is almost totally repainted now. My wife has been going through room by room as she is bored from being laid off.

Last room left is my office/guest room/library, which really needs to be done, but is a pain in the arse due to having to pull out the bookshelves and such.

@MunkyBone Hmm? See I thought you liked DIY? I was gonna say "Fancy coming and doing the painting instead of me for £3.60 and a Belgian bun."

@dick_turpin I don't mind doing some things here and there, just have other things on the go and not enough time.

Oh, she also bought this. Heavy as all fook. homedepot.ca/product/hampton-b

@dick_turpin Yeah, would love that, but we are within a certain range of the hospital, so anything wood burning is not allowed. Gas only.

@MunkyBone Move the hospital, it's only full of diseased people anyway.

@dick_turpin Actually living by the hospital has its advantages. We are on a double fed power grid, so the worst power outage we have had is less than 5 minutes. Normally just a blip.

@dick_turpin Happens here occasionally with the bad storms. A lot of power lines are aerial.

@MunkyBone No wonder everyone wants to come to the UK. It's rare for power cuts I think the electricity companies are too scared to have them because they'll be lynched when the essential services like TV and Broadband go down. 🤣

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