The grind in overwatch is real, too bad I didn't get any good uprising skins.

I should really consider being poly at this point.

Positives to riding a bike to work: Stay in shape and save money.

Negatives: Alabama Weather :/

Taxes done, sure I procrastinated but I got a decent return :)

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The craziest ending to Losers Finals at CEO Dreamland. HBox's Bair entered its first frame of hitbox while M2k's ledge grab also entered its first frame. HBox was literally 1/60th of a second away from going to Grand Finals and probably another 1st place finish.

*****LOUD AUDIO*****

maybe being mobile friendly is a problem.

i saw a report a while ago about how 4chans demographics shifted dramatically after the mobile site was made usable back in 2011ish.

 if you have something important to say, why not think about it for a bit and then post it when you get home?

Wen you burp too hard and in the back of your throat you can taste all of life's failures up to that point.

If you see weird behaviour from me like random favs or follows and unfollows or dark, demonic chanting, is just me currently trying to use Mastodon sideways in bed. Dedication is hard.

twitter in the streets, mastodon in the sheets 😉

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