Reading that there are legal processes running today, a day in 2021 AD, whereby a US state is attempting to put together a firing squad, is beyond repugnant. Not that state-sanctioned murder by electrocution or poison is any better, but this inarguable proof that their justice system - and social moral fabric - has decayed beyond what any acceptable society can find conscionable.

"Setting aside the numerous errors of fact and interpretation, Gladwell consistently cherry-picks from the historical record."

Gladwell, cherry-picking? What did this writer do, read his work, or something?

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What-ho, and the Fediverse! I've been meaning to make myself a general social alt for years, so here's my ! Brit living in the southern UK on the South Downs, often spotted up it just for the fun, only occasionally shedding bunches of bananas in the dead of night. I love the night sky and , when I can see it through the British weather, , and word , computers and and will stop...

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