My sons bubble machine is broken. But, it turns out that bubbles on YouTube has the same effect and with no mess!!!

My misses has treated me to a Bombay badboy Pot noodle. She is the best.

One thing I've learned today is that Ukrainians are a brave bunch.

Is anyone else mastodon desktop going all fucky?

For some reason my mastodon desktop is just showing the rabbit from the muppets…

The Russians have control of Chernobyl.

There’s something I’d never thought I’d say.

Giant bag of fruit and nut was not my greatest pre-workout meal. 🤢

Woman on the news just casually glances outside the window and mentions there is shelling happening outside her home.

Then asks the reporter to repeat the question. She is hard as nails.

I have been nailing it these last couple of days.

I put it down to two weeks of sobriety. My brain is hydrated and functioning, for once.

0740 and there is a queue outside Wetherspoon’s already.

What did I miss?

So as I ripped out a staircase today it occurred to me that I can recycle the old stairs for my garage windows that got destroyed by Storm Useless


All this serious stuff and we have fucking Boris to steer us….

We’re fucked, I tell you, Fucked!

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These sanctions, that Russia would have probably planned for will eventually harm us down the line.

Which I imagine by the state of our government hasn’t been planned for and considering the recent price increases of everything, will make matters considerably worse for us. Which, I think, is why severe sanctions haven’t been put in place already.

I could be wrong, I hope I am.

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So here’s my thought on Russia.

I would imagine Putin had been planning this for a while. If that were me I would sort out financial issues over time to safeguard and mitigate what I could if someone was to impose sanctions.

He has played a bit of a blinder, seems to have been one step ahead the whole way and in control of the ball. Reduced our government to just narrating what his game is.

I can’t see this ending well.

Fencers and roofers are going to be rolling in it over the next couple of weeks.

So I’ve ended up down the gym in the middle of the day and my god it is trash.

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