My documentation came through today so I am now officially a Lord.

I wonder if Boris wants to send us into a war to save his own arse?

Carpentry/cad post 

I do like to see my drawings be made into something resembling what I drew and fitting into a space.

My son loves jumping on the piano lately. Just taps away for ages enjoying himself.

Makes me a little bit happy seeing him do it.

I work pretty much 6 days a week and sometimes to avoid going to social lunches with the family.

But alas, I’ve been rumbled. They’ve moved it to Sundays and I have to attend.

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My misses: Let me guess, you are doing your office work at Starbucks.
Me: Yes, becuase you won't stop talking to me and I won't be able to get nothing done.
Misses: Death stare.

10 minutes later...

Misses: bla bla bla bla bla ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?
Me:** Dies inside**

So here’s a funny thing.

I’m officially a Lord…

Every night this week something has woke me up in the middle of the night.

Monday - drunk new neighbours having a row…

Tuesday - next door neighbour calling out the ambulance after nearly dying from asthma (she gets a pass).

Tonight, it seems to be foxes… foxes fucking in the cold.

Ok, it's 1600. I was supposed to have a phone meeting but nobody called. Time to kill some zombies.

Although I’m supposed to be working I’ve just been sucked down a rabbit hole of videos and information on the Tonga volcano.

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Anyone got a good UK supplier of laptop batteries?

Has to be the UK, because of Brexit.

Needs to be good quality.
We can find loads, but knowing who is supplying something that actually corresponds the the capacity that matches the label.

Bad experiences with fakes/quality in the past.


(Boosts welcome for reach)

I’ve just been reading up on that eruption off of the Tongan coast.

I’ve always been fascinated with volcanos and one of my bucket list items is to see a lava flow. Convincing the misses to join me would be a difficult task.

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The last two days I’ve heard quite a lot about people being lonely. It’s got me thinking and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I’ve ever felt lonely.

Now I have to do some research into what loneliness is and how it feels.

When it’s freezing cold…

…does anyone else have the urge to just roll out a sleeping bag and sleep in the fresh, freezing air?

I took this yesterday morning driving down a country road.

Looked to my left and saw the mist through the valley and realised I had to stop and take it in for a few minutes.

Work could wait.

So my plan is to just sit on the stairs until he remember I’m here.

Maybe I could go and find the kettle.

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