Ok, public transport in Great Yarmouth runs at 9mph. Good job I'm not in a rush

I'm not saying that public transport in Great Yarmouth is bad but it's taken half an hour to travel FOUR MILES.

Going out with my parent's today. I'm really looking forward to it.

Can't beat listening to David Bowie. Currently listening to the "Let's Dance" album. Hit after hit.

Time to join Paul and Tammy again for the Poddy Woddy Doodle show. Go to maninaroom.com to listen

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This is encouraging: Just spoke to an old friend, a musician from Rotterdam who has largely relied on FB for connections and promotion.

She tells me she's preparing to disconnect, and knows of several other "creatives" who are sick of it and are planning to do the same.

She plans to revert to a mailing list, newsletter, and RSS feeds.

At some point in the last week, I've had my card details stolen. My bank has cancelled my card and are refunding me the £60 that was taken. You never think it'll happen to you.

Had a great day today. The escape room was so much fun. We were so close to solving it. Three clues out!

Time for some live ambient sounds fun McDonald in Norwich on maninaroom.com

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