Yes, I could do log shipping but I could also not.

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Keeping six months worth of syslog now on the server. Looking forward to seeing that syslog.180.gz.

Looks like ~something~ happens on the network card and then one of my SATA devices disappears off the bus?

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A test for Linux folk: any idea what would mean that I get absolutely nothing logged; nothing happening on the computer after this? And what might the cause be?

I can't for the life of me get 16th note rhythms on the guitar down.

I'm editing a word document made in a shitty template and oh my god I wish it was TeX

Doing a lot of CI/CD pipeline work at the moment and it feels good: I can justify just messing around with config and tools for a week or so. Best part of my job.

Have probably overtorqued my chainring bolts now given the tendency that they've had to back themselves out somehow?

been updating SPF records all day

email good

Replying to any vendors mentioning COVID in their pitches to us with "fuck off, you ghoul."

OWASP's dependency-track seems quite cool. Can't wait to spend a few days at work working out how we could stick it in our CI processes before being shouted at by security for wanting to give us... more security.

My trainer on this course is doing a Docker demo and he's having the best time of his goddamn life.

I'm having the worst lesson on Key Management right now. I'm just saying "just use Hashicorp Vault and don't be stupid" over and over again in my head.

Every time I see a cute mATX case: maybe I can have one!

Every time I have to work in a cute mAtX case: this is shit.

@josh I think this is about the best solution for your cache issue: it's heavy-handed and you have to nuke the whole cache for your site, but it would get the job done.

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