New and I am enjoying some Samuel Gawith Golden Glow . Initial thoughts are that it is not as good as the Guilty Pleasure but a few smokes will be needed. New pipe gets a lot hotter on the bowl than expected. Either way, a nice way to enjoy the last of the days sun rays.

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Several US tech companies (including Google and Facebook) either currently or previously have sponsored schemes to have their websites zero-rated for mobile data customers in developing countries with high numbers of new internet users. Obvious ulterior motives, obvious effects

After a patient while of trying both my Ashton guilty pleasure and Germains in my , I feel confident in saying that the former is a better smoke. It smells beautiful and seems to light with ease. I think going for a pipe was a great move by myself in general though, it's pleasurable and makes sitting in my garden so much more enjoyable. There is no point to this post. Picture is a lovely cheddar, tomato and lettuce with mustard which combos quite well.

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>web originally amazing thing to connect ppl
>filled with ads
>"if something is free you're paying with your data"
>captchas on nearly every site
>everything owned by mega corps
>even the Github is closed source
>Microsoft simply ignoring millions of GPL licensed projects and making an AI off them
>Google Chrome literal spyware
>Google undermining Adblockers
>Facebook re-branding to avoid being broken up
>All ads run by Facebook or Google
>All of Web3

I was originally, ages ago, going to document what I smoked and post it here for absolutely no one to read so I could remember which ones I had etc. However I stopped smoking them for a bit. I have however got my first and just smoked some lovely Ashton "Guilty Pleasure". Mild and aromatic. Look at my tiny little corn cob pipe! In hindsight I should have gotten a bigger pipe due to the difficulties of using a smaller one but oh well.

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the mastodon highlights post reflects something i've noticed about my own popular posts: the best way to get mastodon people to boost you is to post about how you hate computers because they suck

Screw it, I'm posting every new I try from now on. Had a cheap cheap Royal Dutch Panatella, very cheap and not any immediate notes to it bar a wood taste.


Obligatory and post. Sweet and Baking potato. Chop into chunks. Enjoy whiskey (important). Boil until soft. Mix with cornflour. Roast in garlic seasoned olive-oil @ 200 until beautiful crisp texture. Finish off with some cracked black pepper and serve with an overcooked sausage square. Rustic, simple.

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