in , the southernmost part of Finland (mainland).

We were lucky with the weather, but unlucky with the drone 😅


As with flying a plane, the landing is one of the trickiest parts. Had a drone accident. Don't worry, all digits intact, mostly minor injuries. My arm is hurting more than the fingers due to the tetanus shot.

Bloody details in Twitter thread:

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Mostly healed from my handshake with Edward Scissorhands. Has it been 9 days? Only 1 (out of 5) boo-boo still needs some Miffy protection since I keep hitting it into things (can't take fingertips for granted). Also the one preventing me from practicing my clarinet! 😭

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HENRY JONES SR: I didn't know you could fly a plane.

INDIANA JONES: Fly? Yes. Land? No.

@cybette Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. ;)


haha ok, but there's room for improvement 😊

at least the drone is unharmed 😅

I hope the rest will heal fast. I know the placement is annoying

@make thanks. I need my fourth finger more than I thought. Not as much as thumb and 2nd finger, but when you can't put pressure on one of the fingers, everything is kinda thrown off balance...


oh but it's so nice outside ;)

well, maybe avoid Tampella area for the time being while I practice with my drone :P

You have to send PSA when you’re flying the drone 😊
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