"It's like your brain keeps switching between 30 different channels and somebody else has the remote."
"It's not one program in our brain that works differently, it's the whole operating system."
"The reason I ran late all the time wasn't because I didn't care, it's because 'ers have a skewed sense of time."
"It's not people being lazy or not trying enough, it's kids and adults struggling to keep up with a brain that doesn't always want to cooperate in a society that wasn't built for them."

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" is real, and girls, adults, and gifted students can have it too."

(maybe time to get diagnosed and get medication to help - even if it doesn't help with everything, but at least make daily life less of a struggle...)

@cybette guess I still have it. Never diagnosed, never therapied.
Was a long and hard way through school and university.


same. I fluctuated between doing really well in subjects I loved, and flunking almost everything else because I just could not focus on studying them.

I'm glad I have a job I really enjoy and believe in, which allows remote work and has flexible schedule, so I struggle less... some days are better than others.

@cybette as a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and had to take various meds for a few years.
When I got old enough to make my own decisions I stopped taking them and immediately got better at connecting with the world. I stopped having angry outbursts in class. I didn't feel like watching myself from far away anymore. A few years later I was in a mental hospital to cure my depression. Then whoever was responsible for my case decided I have autism. So I was tested in another facility for aspergers. I'm not interested in meds for any of these diagnoses anymore and psychiatrists can go eat shit.
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