2022 will be online

Kinda expected, but was still hoping that would be hybrid. Nonetheless thanks to @fosdem organizers for making the difficult decision, and looking forward to the online event!

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@cybette We have joined the red countries:

So even in hybrid form you probably should have attend online 😉


at least for now even in the red zone, I can travel to Brussels without quarantine/testing as long as I have the vaccine cert. But of course these rules can change at a moment's notice. which is probably why the fosdem organizers decided to have it purely virtual for everyone's sanity. It's too much burden for this volunteer-run event to have to adhere to new regulations checking certs & masks & whatever other restrictions there may be, on top of everything they do for a regular event.


Lol yes! Slightly shorter travel distance 😂

How was your trip other than the long drive? Did you enjoy Berlin and Prague?

@cybette A lot!
I took a very good opportunity :)

The weather was good too :)

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