Our first live performance in ~2 years! Almost didn't want to advertise this earlier after having our hopes dashed a few times over the past year. Anyway, Wednesday 3.11 @ 19:00 join in A Celebration of at Tuomiokirkko! taso.fi


It happened! Such a great feeling performing in front of a live audience. The energy was tangible...

(Pic from dress rehearsal, church was packed during the concert!)

@cybette no matter one's view of the Christian religion, they do build kick ass edifices. I'm glad that they've been repurposed to other methods of soothing the spirit than direct acts of worship.

@mariusor @cybette they used to build them. Modern church architecture is ugly….

@loweel @mariusor

there's actually an interesting story behind the building of this church (some of the artwork were controversial etc.) - web.archive.org/web/2016071701

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