This week: working from lakeside cabin. 

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Um, what's happening in the world? I scroll through social media for a minute and it hurts my brain... maybe I'll find out more tomorrow but for now I'll enjoy what's left of the weekend in peace. 🌅

(I hope you're able to as well...)

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Forgot my sunglasses. Didn't care.

(Selfie, eye contact even with squinting eyes)

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Heading to summer cottage with suitcase full of . This is the furthest I've travelled in > 3 months (~100km via train)

Sudden downpour. Lasted like 10 minutes, maybe less. Good thing I didn't go for my walk right at that time.

Where's the mango taste? Where's the watermelon? The milkshake? I miss the fruit beers in Taiwan... (or perhaps more of enjoying a refreshing fruity beer with my parents)

Week 3.

The series features an incompetent inspector Clouseau, so this White Penguin series gets me as the inept player 🤪

(also an incompetent videographer - didn't think the sun's glare would totally wash out Fuzzbutt the penguin until too late)

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