Wadda you mean, no Bitter?
So I went to FOSDEM Part 2
So we left off in part 1 that I was munching on a particularly nice burger from Manhattn's. Having finished the food and downed the bottle of Coca-Cola, because they don't serve hot drinks in there, do they! I started to make my way to Delerium Cafe where the Pre-FOSDEM party was to be held. Now I have to say that Google maps were a Godsend throughou

@dick_turpin in Brussels I found the really tricky thing with maps is every street having two names (in French and Flemish) and which one someone tells you is entirely random.

@penguin42 @dick_turpin that is correct. Brussels, however, is mainly French. Second, it’s French and Dutch! 😄 It always easier navigating in the Flemish part of Belgium

@dick_turpin Yes, my Mastodon photo is old! Should change it soon...

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