Can you call me a cab?
So I went to FOSDEM part 3
Amazingly I woke without a hangover from the copious amounts of alcohol consumed at the pre-FOSDEM party. It's a surprise because I rarely drink these days it's probably only at FOSS events that I do drink so it's all my FOSS friends fault. Looking out the window, I saw it was snowing! Thank the pond gods I'd packed warm clothing.
It was time to enjoy the

@dick_turpin And presumably Karen Sandler'ss father would be treated by drugs from the pharmaceutical companies who own patents blah blah. No hypocrisy there.

@andyc Yep. One wonders what the value is in evaluating everything to the nth degree just so that you can live by some self imposed purgatory purely for the single ability to say "I live my life more pure than you!" or at least that's the only reason I can think of?

@dick_turpin Well I can sort of understand it - you love freedom/whatever but your passion and love of it sometimes blinds you to rather obvious contradictions. Similar to vegans wearing leather shoes.

@andyc @Ade's wife made me laugh in the Noodle bar. His wife was a Vegetarian last time I saw her, she was eating meat on the night and Ade said "That's animals entrails you're eating there!" Ilka replied "Yep, yum." Bwahahaha

@andyc @dick_turpin an amazing story, frankly. Part of me wants to believe it's not true and just told that way for effect.


'@methoddan was late arriving as he had been occupied trying to steal the hubcaps off the Eurostar.'




The buggers just wouldn't come off. No matter how hard I tried :D


I can't believe you went to Belgium and couldn't find some of those lovely fruit beers, those magnificent beers brewed by Trappist monks that are 15% proof.

But no, you managed to find Amstel. Sheesh !

@andyc I dunno what I was drinking. Some dark coloured stuff that @Ade was buying me, or if I remember right I was giving him money to buy me. LOL

@dick_turpin @andyc @Ade Delirium Nocturnum would be my guess at what he was feeding you.

@dick_turpin that wasn't the case at the last oggcamp I was at :-D

@theru Pfffft, you know the saying. "Pictures or it never happened." 😉

@MunkyBone @dick_turpin ehm I don't think I would have made it I had the same drinks as Peter :) I think we can blame John archer (name is fussy he might have a different name) for Peter being that drunk.


Wish I could have been there for that. I am a bad enough influence among my local friends when it comes to drinking.

I bet I could have gotten Pete totally loopy.

Figure if I ever get over there, I will bring a couple bottles of Canadian rye.


@theru @MunkyBone yep, Jon Archer. Was it that year I got him rat arsed or was it the year before and therefore Jon's revenge?

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone well He wasn't looking that good on Saturday either :) funny thing is at the first oggcam (the one you posted the pictures from) I don't thing you had anything but ginger beer. Time changed :P

@dick_turpin Strange request, but sure. Here goes...

"You're a cab!"

@dick_turpin Belgium beer is great. I never get a hangover from it as well.
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