Can you call me a cab?
So I went to FOSDEM part 3
Amazingly I woke without a hangover from the copious amounts of alcohol consumed at the pre-FOSDEM party. It's a surprise because I rarely drink these days it's probably only at FOSS events that I do drink so it's all my FOSS friends fault. Looking out the window, I saw it was snowing! Thank the pond gods I'd packed warm clothing.
It was time to enjoy the

@dick_turpin that wasn't the case at the last oggcamp I was at :-D

@theru Pfffft, you know the saying. "Pictures or it never happened." 😉

@MunkyBone @dick_turpin ehm I don't think I would have made it I had the same drinks as Peter :) I think we can blame John archer (name is fussy he might have a different name) for Peter being that drunk.


Wish I could have been there for that. I am a bad enough influence among my local friends when it comes to drinking.

I bet I could have gotten Pete totally loopy.

Figure if I ever get over there, I will bring a couple bottles of Canadian rye.


@theru @MunkyBone yep, Jon Archer. Was it that year I got him rat arsed or was it the year before and therefore Jon's revenge?

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone well He wasn't looking that good on Saturday either :) funny thing is at the first oggcam (the one you posted the pictures from) I don't thing you had anything but ginger beer. Time changed :P
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