@dick_turpin The glib answer would be that we all do, but the more realistic answer would be it's the deep state. That means the monarchy (who still control a lot of land), the upper bands of the civil service - the "Sir Humpreys" - and "The City" with its massive financial influence domestically and globally.

The elected people in parliament don't control all that much, despite their bluster. They can create laws, but the degree to which the deep state really is subject to laws is debatable. As a rule of thumb if you're in the upper echelons then you can get away with pretty much anything. This is why I often complain that political shows which only focus on the Westminster circus are missing a lot of stuff.

@bob The Royals don't own that much land by comparison these days. Lord Dyson of the vacuum cleaner fame owns more land than the queen.

Over the years I've seen lots of people say that this country is heading for a Civil War (It'll never happen by the way) if there was ever a reason to storm The Winter Palace [The Houses of Parliament] John Bercow would be a prime reason. How has he managed to keep his job is another mystery question.

@xvilo Man needs his wings clipping. Go too big for his boots imo.

@dick_turpin @xvilo
Well of course if you don't get the result you want, you can keep having a new vote every week until you do.
Or is that "undemocratic"? :p
As the government originally tried to push Brexit law changes through by invoking 500 year old rules in the form of " Henry the VIII powers" it's a bit of kettle and pot really.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @xvilo a vote that was sold as non binding and as such was not subject to the electoral commission oversight, the body designed to protect democracy who have stated that they would have declared it invalid but they can't because it is non binding so basically an opinion poll. The only people binding this to the country are politicians who are claiming it as justification for their actions.

@tig @dick_turpin @xvilo
I think the one thing we can all agree on it that the whole thing is an expensive shambles.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @xvilo only if we can add criminal and infomation warfare in there too :)

@wyliecoyoteuk @xvilo Am I the only one in the UK that can see that it is minority's causing all the problems? It's a small number of MP's banding together to vote down 'The Deal' not necessarily because overall its bad but because individuals hate 'bits' of it and are 'clubbing together'. It's the minority that's demanding a 2nd referendum. We are moving into dangerous waters whereby people no longer accept decisions and claim "Democracy!" when seeking to overturn democratic votes.

@dick_turpin @xvilo
Actually a third referendum, as people seem to forget we already had the second referendum, in 2016, which overturned the first.

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