That man will say anything, pander to any age range or group, go back on his word and sell out his members to become Prime minister. what happened to backing the original referendum vote?

A bit like the current Tory candidates then.
As for the original vote, it is long past its sell-by date now anyway.
It was a supremely stupid decision based on lies and propaganda.

And of course it is not the "original vote" that was when we voted to join the EU.
2016 was the second referendum not the first.

@wyliecoyoteuk Slight twisting of the facts there methinks. But you actually highlight what is wrong with the original vote was to join and we joined so the people got what they wanted. the 2016 vote was to leave and we haven't done that yet. 😃

I just think people saying "respect the original vote" is a bit rich when it was the second vote.
And you can't deny that the 2 current Tory PM wannabees would sell their soul to win.
(If either of them actually haven't already)


@wyliecoyoteuk I think Jeremy Corbyn has just demonstrated that even he would sell you down the river to become Prime Minister by going back on his stance over

I think you're being pedantic over the word "Vote" I suspect in the hope of countering the argument against a 2nd vote or if you prefer your chronological order, 3rd vote.

I agree with my MP. I don't see how we can have a another vote when the 1st one has not been implemented.

I like the way you say "even he" as if he had more principles than the general run of MPs. :)
Referendums are meant to be advisory, not legally binding.
Maybe it's time for another advisory vote, considering the mess that Parliament has made of it so far.

@wyliecoyoteuk My emphasis was that ALL MP's would sell their first born to become PM (Probably)

I would so love to have another referendum on a totally different matter and have our MP's disregard the outcome. I wonder if everyone will STFU, shrug their shoulders and say: "Oh well, it wasn't legally binding was it?" then?

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