That Goddam Ubuntu 6.10 server is back again. What a pile of 💩

@dick_turpin with you I never know if it is a typo or an actual ubuntu 6.10 server :P

@tig I shall take a picture tomorrow for you fluffy pumpkins.

@dick_turpin hurrah!

That was back when it was brown iirc :)

@tig yeah. It'll take too long to explain why it and the owner are a PITA the guy reckons he wants some information of off it however he doesn't know what the information is and it looks like he's not even attempted to get anything off it and allowed his kids near it because somebody has been inside and pulled the fan off and some of the memory out but he denied anybody had touched it

@dick_turpin it runs some old crufty system that just works and he doesn't want to change it, I am guessing there is a dot matrix printer involved too :P


@tig he reckons family members stole money from the business which stopped trading about 3 years ago. To give you an indication of the man's personality he brought in a keyboard mouse and power cables in a black bin liner then said to my engineer "I want that black bin bag back please." Bwahaha

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