So I just saw a Tweet whereby a guy says that his business has folded putting 8 people out of work and is partly to blame however if you read the tweet he's clearly a poor manager and allowed a customer to default thus sending him over what was obviously a bad trading position. I hate this sort of shit on social media. "I just stubbed my toe and it's all Brexit's fault" what a crock of crap.

On the other hand there are a lot of genuine Brexit based company failures.
As an example, one I know of, a couple who ran a successful software company which had a lot of EU customers (mostly in the Netherlands)
Brexit vote meant they were not even allowed to tender by EU companies because they could not guarantee contract conditions. Lost 75% of their customer base in 3 months. Closed the company, fired 5 staff. Both now work as contractors in the UK.

@wyliecoyoteuk This is the danger of putting all your eggs in one basket. We ourselves kind of made that mistake over two years ago. We had a very big customer who we devoted 90% of our resources to. When they took (Initially) 95% of the business away from us everyone thought we'd be out of a job. We're slowly clawing our way back but the lesson learnt is. "Spread the risk"

@dick_turpin This was spread, just not in the UK.
It wasn't just one customer they lost, it was many.

@wyliecoyoteuk But you answer it yourself. UK based company having its whole customer base abroad.

No, it was an EU based company having most of its market taken away almost instantly by our stupid decision to leave the EU.

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