TL;DR 46% (49%) of EU citizens (N=10792) think that if the UK wants to leave with #nodeal, so be it. No more concessions from EU side fro #Brexit. Let's move on. Survey from June 2019, more:

@jwildeboer What do you mean "No more concessions?" the EU hasn't made any concessions! If the EU and Europeans are so desperate for the UK to stay why has not a single EuroMP suggested an inducement to stay? All you and everyone else talks about is π“π‘πž πƒπžπšπ₯ which is actually an acknowledgement that the UK are leaving no matter what.

@jwildeboer You're not serious are you? You don't really see giving someone more time to make their mind up as a concession do you? I would call that common sense. It costs the EU and the UK nothing to allow an extension a concession is when you give something in the hope of gaining something in return. A concession would have been to give us back:

The duchy of Aquitaine (Gascony/Guyenne)

@dick_turpin @jwildeboer Of course, it costs both the EU and UK something. It's a prolonged uncertainty for companies that has an impact on their business and lives.


@sesivany @jwildeboer Don't fall for media hype. There is always uncertainty in business. Businesses fold every day for multitudes of reasons it just suites the media's purpose to claim it's Brexit related.

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@dick_turpin @jwildeboer You think that not knowing whether the conditions for trade between the EU and UK will or will not radically change in a few months has no impact? If I were a CEO of a EU company doing business with the UK (among others) I would definitely minimize any investments in that business because the uncertainty makes it a risky investment.

@sesivany @jwildeboer Of course it will. But don't forget, many of the Trade Agreements will still be in place after we leave and new ones will be very quickly implemented or old ones from before we joined the EU reactivated just to tide things over until more up-to-date ones can be ratified. Mark my words. a lot of this stuff is scare tactics for gullible people, you know, like the gullible ones who voted leave? Now it's the gullible remainers turn. LOL

@dick_turpin @sesivany I am still not feeling good for my fellow EU citozens living in the UK. BoJo is again threatening their rights as some sort of leverage for his wish to open the negotiations again.

@jwildeboer @sesivany If you're talking about paying for NHS treatment and the immediate removal of free movement only a stupid person would think those things would stay in place after midnight on the 31st why on earth would they? If a customer leaves Red Hat do you continue to give then support Free & Gratis? No, of course you don't.

@dick_turpin @sesivany "Why on earth would they?" - Because that's what said over and over again by your government. So you are saying we shouldn't trust anything they say? And no, I am not talking about NHS costs. I am thinking of the several hundred Red Hatters from EU countries working and living in the UK, their children and how they feel now.

@jwildeboer @sesivany If they're UK residents then there's not an issue. if however, they're doing jobs that UK residents could do then I suspect they'll have problems as will British people working and living in EU country's.

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