Whoa, I bet lots of folks in my social groups will be spitting their brew across the room at this one. LOL

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"It's good to have rules"

This is what it's like inside 'England's strictest school' - which has adopted a method called 'tiger teaching'

On , half their pupils got a Grade 7 or above in at least 5 subjects


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@dick_turpin As one of the comments say it's called discipline and hardly nothing new.

@ghostdancer Discipline is no longer allowed these days this is why so many children are excluded. It's called "Getting rid of the problem rather than addressing it."

@dick_turpin That's it. When my son tells me about some things that happen at his school I can't believe it . People getting up in the middle of the class to give a note to other person. And teachers don't do anything. It looks like other world to me . I don't want old style schools with physical punishment but something in between with discipline and respect for the teachers and the rest of the children. Parents are worse than children.


@ghostdancer There's no in-between. The vast majority of parents don't give a toss unless their shit is so much as touched in the classroom then they're down the school making threats of violence or legal action.

My daughter said that her last intake for reception was the worst she's ever had and things are not getting better. Over half her class were not toilet trained, they couldn't write their own name and didn't know 2+2 and some of them swear like troopers and these are 4 & 5 year old's!

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@dick_turpin There should be a license with an exam for having children and another one to use the internet.

@ghostdancer Test tube baby's is the answer. Once your application has been approved you will be allocated a suitable embryo to meet your social, financial and intelligence status. State Control, it's the only way.

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