You know, maybe Boris wasn't lying when he told Parliament there was movement on the negotiations? Maybe he was seeking a firm commitment from the EU that the UK will have to leave on the 31st Oct so that he can call a General Election at a time whereby there's no stopping the UK leaving?

@dick_turpin no other source backs this up. His own CoS said negotiations were a smokescreen. EU say they've heard nothing new for weeks and weeks.

And he's doing the same trick that May tried before him but the other way around. Tell people in the UK that no deal is really not a big deal. At the same time saying that no deal is a good negotiation threat.

So, is it such a problem that the mere threat of it causes movement at negotiations or is it fine and nothing to worry about. Can't be both.

@rpcutts I like the Lib-Dem video doing the rounds. Talk about "Have your cake and eat it" They're still churning out the old chestnut of "The people should have a say on the deal" while also saying "Not leaving the EU is an option" so which is it, a deal or revoking article 50?

You know, I don't care if Boris is lying, I really don't. In fact he can lie some more for all I care I just want it over and done with. *in* or *out* I don't care.

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