If there is a General Election I shall laugh my bollocks off if the Party wins.

@dick_turpin Are you taking odds yet on the potential shitshow?

@MunkyBone I honestly think Boris will win, not because I vote Tory but because:

1. He's actually 34% ahead of Labour in the polls.

2. Labour don't want it right now so I wouldn't be surprised if they sabotage themselves on purpose.

3. It'll be a chance for all the "Leave" people to be able to have an opinion without getting their face ripped off by the "Remain" camp.

This election (If it happens) will be about the EU and nothing else which is terrible if you think about it.

@dick_turpin So it is all a farce for face? I have been looking at it here and there and it all looks like a bloody mess. Makes our upcoming election look like a puppet show.

@MunkyBone Totally. What I find sad is that ALL of our politicians from ALL the Party's have demonstrated that they don't give a toss about their constituents or their voters. All they care about is themselves and their own opinions and desires even to the point of going against what their constituency has told them to do.

I'm sad because pretty much all of the UK voting public can't seem to see that and are still drawn up in party lines. We should get rid of the lot of em and start again.

@dick_turpin Oh hell, you are on the same lines as us then. Most of the politicians are so full of themselves or full of shite, or a combination of both that voting is becoming a horrid experience.

It is hard to figure out who is best, when all you can do is try to figure out who is going to cause the least amount of damage in hope that a good candidate comes forward.

I would love a chance to as you put it "get rid of the lot of them". The political class to the rest of us is so unbalanced now

@MunkyBone I suspect most of them as backbenchers maybe even junior ministers start out with good intentions but then after a while all the attention and power goes to their heads and they start doing what they want rather than what the voters want. Sometimes they may disagree with a choice made but it's not their place to do that, they're supposed to be putting their constituencies priorities before Parliament, basically getting a "Good Deal" for back home.

@dick_turpin I do not doubt it.

Part of the problem is the lobbyists as well in my opinion. Fookin' well eject them from contacting politicians directly and they should be forced to present requests in front of the whole of Parliament and the public.

Backroom deals lead to corruption. Anyone caught doing it should be tossed in jail. Make an example of a few to begin with real time.

@MunkyBone As far as I'm aware we've been lucky on that score. Some of our MP's have been caught doing dodgy things with their claims like flipping houses and getting work done paid for by the state but I don't recall any "Taking backhanders" cases. Could be wrong though?

@dick_turpin you can deff see a pact comming can't you. Followed by Sir Nige.

@rpcutts It's probably the first [possible] GM I'm depressed about simply because it's [possibly] being held for all the wrong reasons. It's a complete waste of time, nothing will change other than the Tories gaining a larger majority which, yes, I know I should be happy about but it will just give Labour et al more ammunition to claim rich public schoolboys have usurped power somehow even though it was them that caused it all in the first place.

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