Before you all get too excited: Think about it. If Boris has broken the law by Promulgating Parliament for ulterior motives that makes Her Royal Highness the Queen complicit in the crime because she gave royal assent to it. Like the establishment is going to allow Liz to be carted up before a judge!

Actually they said that the advice given to her was unlawful, which makes her decision null and void.
No need for Liz to be in the dock, it was her advisers (i.e. Bojo and the Moggy) who were at fault.
Actually that sounds like a good title for a children's book "Bojo and the Moggy go berserk"

@wyliecoyoteuk You do know "Handling stolen goods"?
or that in English law, ignorance is no defence?

The Act can only be instigated by the Queen. Your argument is a bit like me giving you a gun and telling you to pull the trigger and your defence would be "We'll I didn't know it was loaded, did I?" I'm fairly confident the Queens private secretary would have advised her of what she was agreeing to. A good Barrister should be able to argue that which is why I think this will go nowhere.

The difference is that the queen is obliged to follow her advisor's advice.
Anyway your argument doesn't hold water, Bojo pulled the trigger, she only gave her permission for him to do it.


@wyliecoyoteuk I'll be very surprised if Parliament is recalled.

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@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk as is common of late, I agree with your predicted outcome but disagree with your reasoning.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin
technically, they have not now been dismissed. some have already started returning

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