thanks bro, now I know that linux t-shirts are cultural appropriation and oppression I will go back to windows I GUESS °

@sophia Would have been nice if you had included the author of that?

As a FOSS (Read Linux) community member for over 20 years I don't care who wears Linux related clothing or for what reason. I'll take FOSS promotion to the world at large in any shape or form be it a Windows user wearing a Fedora tee shirt or, as alluded to in the text, some scantily clad individual wearing an Ubuntu pair of knickers (Is there such a thing?) nobody has the right to say who wears what imo.

@dick_turpin nah, they'll get dunked on to high heaven and it's an email I'd be exposing


@sophia From the tone, I'd say they were used to being "Dunked on" LOL

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