It doesn't surprise me just how thick some people are what surprises me is the number of people who do not understand just how thick some people are! The whole point of "Lock-down", "Isolation" and "Social Distancing" is to cut off the ability for the virus to spread, your house is your very own quarantine bubble. If the virus can't "Leap to another person" it will stop, but hey, we're not working, let's have a barbecue. 🤦‍♂️ 😷 @MunkyBone

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone When a person joins the back of the lengthy car queue at the newly opened Coronavirus testing centre as IKEA in Wembley because she thought it had re-opened and was hoping to get a picture frame, you just have to bury your head in your hands and admit defeat.

@andyc @MunkyBone I said to the misses this morning: "I wonder how many cretins have gone along to the NHS testing site that's been setup up here to get tested even though they know nothing is wrong with them and the fact that's it's actually not open to the general public just NHS.

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone
Yes. Them too.

I can understand NHS staff rocking up as they are a little busy ATM and the media reports may imply all NHS critical staff are eligible to get tested now.

However, my wife (a nurse in a GP surgery) told me that you have to receive a form in email that you complete and then go and get tested.

This (obviously) is to minimise the human interaction at the testing centre.

@andyc @MunkyBone Yeah, they swab you with a swab sellotaped to a long bamboo stick. 😷

@dick_turpin I live right by the local hospital (can walk to it in 1 minute from my house) and we have a COVID testing site right there. There was a small line up of cars this morning before it even opened. Probably because in the news there was notice of an outbreak in the hospital itself and people wanted to be tested. @andyc

@MunkyBone @andyc TBH people are being a bit thick over the testing. They seem to think having the test is like a Get out of Jail free card. You only need to be tested if you feel unwell it's pointless testing if you feel fine because you've probably not got it but by the time your results come back you might get it.

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone Yeah - that's why we need an antibody test for the masses. But that could be months away.

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