@MunkyBone Interstingly, I spoke with my boss a few hours ago and said that I was now going in the garden and he said "I don't blame you."

@dick_turpin I am just starting work for the day. Went for my morning walk. Got my coffee when I got back in.

@dick_turpin Still jacket weather here. At least this morning.

Bright and sunny and no snow.

@dick_turpin Well, my wife and MiL are actually setting up the vegetable garden today while I am working, so I believe we are past the snow part of this nonsense.

@MunkyBone Don't talk to me about gardening. The Mrs seems to think I can "Dig this out", Tie that back" and do general Capability Brown shit with the excuse of "Oh, don't talk rubbish, you can hear that phone from the garden!" 🤦‍♂️

@dick_turpin I have been conscripted into pulling a small boulder out of the garden during my lunch break.

I feel your pain.

@MunkyBone I have a fire plant to remove at 16:30 UK time. 😭

@dick_turpin Replacing a toilet at 5 PM EDT.

Someone "put up" a shelf and gravity tested it.

@MunkyBone Shelves are not for putting things on, everyone knows that.

@dick_turpin I was going to replace that toilet anyways. Something higher efficiency. Dual flush type capability.

@MunkyBone Tsk! You hide the gun in the cistern. Haven't you seen The Godfather? "Go to the bathroom, no ask to go to the bathroom....."

@dick_turpin I will need something 'murrikan sized then. Don't own any pistols. Besides a BB pistol. And that will just irritate someone.

@dick_turpin A toilet? Yeesh, I always knew you were full of something or other.

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