Brilliant story: Most will focus on the money the restaurant made although I will admit the pricing was way out (50%).

This is what's known as a "Loss Leader"

Key Paragraph: "They have a test period where they scrape the restaurant's website and don't charge any fees to anyone, so they can ideally go to the restaurant with positive order data to then get the restaurant signed on to the platform."

@dick_turpin It's an update of the old price dumping , and the owner has hacked the system to his own benefit, good for him .

@dick_turpin He isn't alone. Someone on Hacker News placed a $5k order to a restaurant (in collusion with them) and took over $20k

@ben @ghostdancer It's a good story on so many levels. You guys probably won't like it but as a Sales Bastid I like the idea of going "Oi! Look at the orders we've done. Our app is brilliant, SIGN HERE YOU MERE MORTAL." and then making shedloads out of them. LOL

@dick_turpin @ghostdancer Imagine that scenario, except you come to find that you can't possibly make any money off them by charging a regular price.

Welcome to the gig economy house of cards!

@dick_turpin I understand why they do it , but I think it's dishonest that's why I like that they've been upped in their game. @ben

@ghostdancer @ben About 15 years ago I used to scrape websites for email addresses. Obviously we've not done it for years now, it's too risky.

@dick_turpin So it was your fault that everybody began using the format 😈 🤣 @ben

And the ghostdancer At dontspamme DOT COM format of displaying email addresses

@dick_turpin always funny.
Yeah, you've fooled a pattern matcher by using a slightly different pattern, course you have. You daft bint.

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