So Richard Walden posted this picture an hour ago of cretins trying to get into Woolacombe even though nothing is open according to my uncle who lives very near there, you can't even buy a cup of tea let alone get an ice-cream.

@dick_turpin I almost hate to say this but I wouldn't really embark on a day trip to the coast at the moment.

Not necessarily of the lockdown restrictions or fear of close proximity to others but mainly because I would need a pee at some point and with cafes and restaurants being closed. I believe most public toilets also closed (health hazard at the best of times).

I realise men can relieve themselves in the hedgerow or behind a sand dune but won't someone think of the ladies ? Or the kids ?

@dick_turpin Well I never. You learn something every day. Ordered 3. Arriving Tuesday.

@dick_turpin Cheers. That's much attractive. I particularly like the MASSIVE 1 litre capacity as the missus does like a cup of tea. Also, I note that it's VAT exempt. And reusable.

Now what about Number Twos ? Any handy links or recommendations ?

Sometimes, and I never thought I would day this, having a colostomy proves very handy.

@andyc I believe a Sainsburys carrier bag is pretty effective.

@dick_turpin 'OK everyone. Listen up - picnic rug - check, bucket and spade - check, windbreak - check, directors chairs - check, kites - check, flip-flops - check, towels - check, swimming costumes - check, cool box - check, GoGirl urination units - check'

@dick_turpin @andyc someone was gifted a ShePee as part of an office secret Santa. Cringe moment.

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