Ah, the old:

"My laptop has died but it's still under warranty."

DELL: "We found liquid in it."

@dick_turpin When they say "liquid", you always wonder what exact substance it was.

@MunkyBone So about ten years ago I sold a laptop to a guy who bought a refurbished laptop off me. He rang me up and said it had died but it was outside the 3 mth warranty we used to give (It's 12 now) I offered to fix it but said we would charge and he just exploded accused me of all sorts and threatened to report us to Trading Standards etc. I sent it away for testing and it had orange juice inside it. People aye?

@dick_turpin Yeah, of course. Hide it, bluster, hope someone falls for it to cover their mistakes.

Does not matter if they look like an arsehole to someone they don't really know.

@MunkyBone Oh I've had some right 'ns over the years. Some of the reasons they come up with beggars belief.

@dick_turpin Was it some spilled liquor (not liquid) from yesterday's pie and mash ?

@andyc Knowing the customer I would expect it to be Sangria but without the 4lb of fruit and umbrella.

@dick_turpin @andyc
We lived in a flat once with a horrendous damp problem.

My ThinkPad broke and took it to a place for repair and they said it was kaput due to water damage. Never been near a spill in it's life.

@dick_turpin @andyc ha. You're funny. Should think about doing standup.

@basil @dick_turpin @andyc

While doing desk-side support, we had to deal with a lady who's laptop and bag had gotten dog peed on.


The first time it was taken care of by Lenovo or Dell, as the company (Rockwell Automation) did so much business with them.

The 2nd time... She knew she was purchasing a new laptop. 🤦‍♂️

@randynose @basil @andyc As you know, some of the top end IBM (Not Lenovo) laptops are built to withstand spillages. They even have drain holes. LOL

@dick_turpin @randynose @andyc my ThinkPad which I never stop droning on about had those 😆

@basil @dick_turpin @andyc

Yea, it was an attempt. It might have helped a couple of people a few times, but, to much moisture just isn't going to work well with electronics.

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