Well, it would seem none of my Steem has been taken in the great Steemit Asset Grab that lots of former users are gnashing their teeth and tearing their clothes about.

@dick_turpin Did you not scream and make an arse of yourself?

@MunkyBone Mate, it strikes me that depending who you are allied to then that's the truth and the others side are bunch of lying caaants

In a nutshell (Although people really hate me for making this analogy) it's very much like Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth. The community thinks they own it and yet Mark and Justin Sun for Steemit, know they own it.

You've just gotta love "Ownership" the amount of people who think they own something coz their mates are on it. Bwahahaha

@dick_turpin True, the communities are the users of the platform. Yes, their input and creations keep the platform alive, but in the end, they do not own the platform itself.

It is a symbiotic relationship, but the host in the end would be Justin Sun.

@MunkyBone It's pretty funny to see both sides using pretty much the same argument. Steemit say they are protecting their Witnesses and users and Hive is saying pretty much the same thing. LOL

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone can't remember a time I was so glad to have no Idea what 2 people are talking.

@dick_turpin Maybe they are taking cues from the 'murrikan political scene

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