Today I shifted 2 x Tonne sacks of Golden Flint stones for . Thank the pond gods I borrowed my neighbour's wheelbarrow because moving that lot by the bucket load would have finished me off! My arms are killing me, I drive a desk for a living, do I look like a navvy?

@dick_turpin I felt tired just reading that! Hope you didn't get the rain we had while you were working.

@nigeldgreen TBH, I'm desperate for rain:

A. To bed down the new soil.
B. To wash the stones off.

Looks like Hastings beach! In fact, the whole implementation is a bit "In your face" at the minute.

@dick_turpin @nigeldgreen We've actually had a fair amount of rain yesterday - fortunately not while I was out - but I think we even had a bit of hail.

@penguin42 @dick_turpin We had quite a big hailstorm - unfortunately at the time my wife decided to go out for her daily run 😬

@nigeldgreen @penguin42 It's been lovely in the grounds of
Today I have mostly been "Levelling stones."

@penguin42 @nigeldgreen Actually, I found boots were much better for moving it around.

It's not only your job, it's also the age 😏😂

@tpheine That's one of the cruel tricks that nature plays on you and your parents don't warn you about. The birthdays start hurtling by at a blistering rate while your brain sticks steadfastly in the "Snail Pace" lane making you feel like you're still only 25-30. 😢

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