My desktop and laptop are both ~7 years old (although the former had been upgraded a few times).

I think I’m getting close to needing some new hardware. Question is, what do I go for?

Laptop needs to be no bigger than 14”. Feel free to add recommendations.


@kev Ordinarily I'd say: "It's not as simple as that. It all depends on what you want to do with it?" but given you're using 7 year old kit you're hardly likely to be a hardcore gamer so I'd say 'Laptop & Dock"

When I'm selling my first two question are:

"What do you actually want to do with it?"

"Will you use it at home/office or do you go places and need something to work on?"

Notice I didn't specify "Laptop" mobility is not Laptop exclusive.

Then I'm able to build up a picture and advise

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@dick_turpin yeah, I need more than 500 characters to articulate my needs properly. I’ll write a post I think...

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