When the twins were young, an old lady heard me saying to the wife, "I can't wait for them to grow up and move out." the old lady turned and said: "You're never free of them, in fact, it seems as they get older, it gets worse!"

Monique has just text me to put some lights up at her house at the weekend. Hold the phone here. You've got a bleedin(g) husband now! How come I'm doing it?

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@theru Typical coder tbh. Can knock you out a phone app in a couple of hours that will net a couple of £M, but he struggles to bleed a radiator. 🤦‍♂️

This is the man that wouldn't put a kitchen clock up because he was worried there were wires in the wall!

Pete: "Give us that hammer and nail" whack whack whack "Done!"

@dick_turpin well if he knockes out a couple of those they can have a butler instead.

@theru From what I gather, he earns about three times what I do. Bastard. 🤣

The company he works for paid his wages for a year even though he wasn't working there. He came to them on a graduate work placement, and they liked him that much they gave him a job and sent him back to university to complete his final year. Smart arse got a 1st in computer sciences.

@dick_turpin @theru

This happened to me as well, not having to job hunt after graduating was 😗👌

Disclaimer: But I can put shelves up.

@basil @theru Yeah, makes business investment sense really to secure someone good. I think he did the odd bit here and there but on the whole, they just paid his wage good as gold every month. He's pretty quiet tbh but he must love my daughter, you have to put up with her. 🤣

My youngest is now in her 40s, If it wasn't for lock-down, I'd be doing DIY at her house. Her partner is good at some things, but not woodwork.
She has all her parcels (and there are a lot of them) delivered to our house because the neighbour had a paddy about delivery drivers pulling onto the shared driveway.
We have a load of her stock in our spare room cupboard , a drawer full of her Waitrose yellow sticker meat in one of the freezers.
Oh, and a double Kayak on the garage wall.

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