@dick_turpin you'll be pleased to know that I got the posh one. 💉

@basil I expected no less.

What does surprise me is there isn't a Football one. Premier Barclay Vaccine. or Baggies vaccine. They'd all be queuing up for that.

@dick_turpin had an instant reaction. Mad how fast my body decided something wasn't right.

@basil Whoa! So that "Sit over there for fifteen minutes." is worth it then?

Yup. Got a metallic taste in my mouth after about 5 seconds.

Then went to sit down and after about 2 minutes got so dizzy I could barely stay in my seat. And started sweating. As in. It was dripping off my face.

Lasted about 5 minutes. Then felt mostly fine again.

I stayed for half an hour instead of 15 mins.

It was an hour ago now and feel fine at the moment.


@basil That's because you're a highly tuned athlete, like a thoroughbred racehorse. They really shouldn't be pumping your system full of the lurgy.

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