Watching my engineer have a meltdown over ringtones. 🤣

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@wyliecoyoteuk So I've known the customer for nearly 25 years. He's another type who does not work in IT and never has worked in IT, yet they're an expert on everything.

We've just supplied an HVS (Hosted VOIP Services) to them, and it's been a nightmare. Far too much to type here. So the ringer was that he wanted two different rings (External/Internal), fair enough, but he wants two almost identical tones and keeps saying, "It's the wrong one!" he won't choose totally different ones.

@wyliecoyoteuk I said to delete the two tones then he has no choice but to choose something better.

That's not the worst nightmare he's caused though.

@wyliecoyoteuk Everyone has a T48 (Desktop) they also have a DECT phone (Hand Held) but he also wanted each and every T48 in the building to have a dedicated tone for his and everyone else's calls so that he/they could go to the nearest T48 ringing with his/their tone even though he/they had the DECT (Which is the whole point) strapped to his/their hip. 🤦‍♂️

I had similar fun with our VOIP setup.
2 different companies in the same building using the same phone system, and the door intercom redirecting to 3 different numbers, one of them a DECT phone for the warehouse.
The door releases were the biggest headache.

@wyliecoyoteuk Oh, don't even go there. We've put three bells in the warehouse so far, and he has three separate Hunt Groups set up for the three phones in the warehouse. WHY? Just let the three phones ring; someone will answer one of them!

Engineers having meltdowns about anything are a cause for concern !
I would expect calm analytical and methodical.
Have those days gone ?

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