I had a few drinks in here in the late 70s before they cleaned it up.

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate, 1969. Once London's filthiest pub, named after Nathaniel 'Dirty Dick' Bentley, who never washed nor cleaned after the death of his fiancee. Established around 1780, it rejoiced in soot, cobwebs and many artefacts, including a dead cat. Once known for its cheese, it was scoured clean in the health n safety pogroms of the 80s, now owned by Youngs.

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@dick_turpin Woa... a blast from the past. I visited London in -84. I heard of that place, but never visited it. Haven't heard of it since, iirc.

@inscius When I went, they had imitation grime in the glass of the pint glasses. LOL

@dick_turpin Haha! I have a vague memory someone told me it was a tourist trap.

@inscius It was, tbh it was probably one of the first Theme Pubs before they became a 'thing'.

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