I went to Currys Electrical to buy a Hoover, and I was transported back to the 1920s, where the assistant chucked a small pile of dirt and hair on the floor and promptly hoovered it up.

𝗠𝗲: "I should hope it bloody well does hoover up at £400!"

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Impressive, You found an assistant ?
Last time I went to a currys, they wouldnt come out from behind the counter !

@dick_turpin Many years ago, we had a pushy Kirby salesman force himself on us to perform a "demonstration". Knowing that the goal of the Kirby salesman is to get a sale on the day, I was prepared.

He duly demonstrated the abilities of the machine (as I watched on thinking "we'll get a house clean out of this") in every room - even going over our matress. That's always a sale clincher.

We let him finish and ended the visit by apologetically saying that we couldn't afford the £1100 being asked.

@neildarlow I knew someone who went to work for Kirby. He said they all had to meet in the office and sing the Kirby song. 🤣

Funny you should call it a Hoover.
Vacuum cleaners are a lot different these days, I wouldn't be surprised if the next generation start calling them Dysons.

We've had two. Both were great, The first one lasted years, until the hose fitting broke.
Our current one around 6years old, still going strong.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin Dyson can get in the sea, he has had shit loads of R&D cash from the UK public and then sodded off to the far east. I bought a Numatic Henry the other day and I am very happy with it (they now do a smaller 6L sized one) , simple tech that is just going to work, easy to repair and made in the UK too! I was tempted by Shark but I wanted something basic without a roller as I am always having to unwrap bits of 3d printed parts from the rollers!

@tig @wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin Why would you like a smaller Henry? (We have two of the standard size ones, up & down)

@penguin42 @wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin because I have a small flat, I can do the whole place without having to unplug anyway so would prefer the slightly smaller space it takes up for storage. I have already 3d printed some host clips and alt accessory holders :)

I think the only difference is 6L capacity vs 9L everything else is the same.

@tig @dick_turpin
I am not a fan of Dyson the man.
The Dyson bagless system (which has now been copied by others despite his patents) is more efficient, and was turned down by Hoover and other manufacturers, mainly because of not wanting to lose their profits from selling vacuum bags.
Vacuum bags are wasteful and unnecessary.

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