Ooh @NYbill and now @ollyclarkdotorg it's starting to be identi.ca all over again. LOL

@dick_turpin @ollyclarkdotorg @NYbill Back in prehistoric times I had an identi.ca account, but I don't think I did anything much with it. I was a social media holdout for quite a while.

@bob @NYbill @dick_turpin To be honest until I discovered Mastodon I had become a Social Media Recluse, Hate what Twitter has become and Hate Facebook even more now after dipping my toe back into it for 18 months!!


@ollyclarkdotorg (As you know) I never liked Twitter or Facebook. I've even started to become disenchanted with G+

I'm not orgasmic about Mastodon but at least it is close to the spirit of identi.ca I really should use it more tbh.

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@dick_turpin @bob @NYbill Yeah I agree I think this is more what I'm looking for anyway. I've been on here not much more than 24hrs and I've already had a more intelligent interaction than 18 months of Facebook.

@dick_turpin @bob @NYbill I keep checking back in with G+ every now and then, but I find it hard to find what I want to look at and I give up with it. Plus all the people in my circles and very few seem to post on there these days 😞

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