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I could never understand why #Archlinux removed the original installer? (I have my suspicions, though.) still, nice to see one back again.…
Looking through my feeds this morning, it dawned on me that now my website is no more none of my spleen venting will appear on Planet OpenSUSE ever again.
Firefox possibly falls behind in the browser popularity stakes.… although the article points out, there could be (Like mine) multiple browsers on any given system.

Hannah had the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at 9:30 am Yesterday. 8:30 pm she had a headache at 2 am this morning, thinking she was dying; 5 am still feels like death with hot and cold sweats. Her arm is hurting, and paracetamol is no longer affecting the splitting headache. Let's hope it's all worth it because very few have had the 2nd dose so far, and we've only the governments word that it's effective.

Me and Charlie are living the dream!

Sat in McDonald's car park this morning eating sausage McMuffins and watching JustEat drivers pulling in and out.

@basil You'll be pleased to know I was given a FREE PASS to the cream eggs last night; in fact, the daughter said: "I'm shocked it's still there, tbh."

Hurt doesn't even come into it!

Even though Hannah has a new job lined up, she had an interview via TEAMS yesterday for a different job role. Hannah was behind me, and I was like, "Who is this brainbox?" I had to Google some of it! She got the job and now has to resign from the first one and accept the second one. (It's all internal codswallop)

Huzzah! The ghost of SCO rises again in the form of Xinuos and threatens legal action against Red Hat/IBM for supposedly nicking UnixWare blueprints, lying, and conspiring.…
This is weird? A Global Cloud-Based company insisting staff must come into the office? Is it just me that's noticed the UK press has been promoting news stories of returning to workplaces rather than #wfh?
Gotta protect Pret a Manga and Starbucks with lunchtime sales. :')…
No love at Nominet!
Nominet UK is currently delegated by IANA to be the manager of the .uk domain name i.e.…

I wonder if I could get away with sneaking an egg out? Just my luck, the packaging is bound to tear. ☹

𝗦𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗔𝗿𝘀𝗲: "Up to six people from two households can meet outside!"
𝗠𝗲: "But if you times that by 150,000 houses that's a lot of fucking people in one place!"
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